Welcome to the Turtle Mountain School Division! Below you will find various registration forms 

*Please complete only the forms relevant to your child and their education program.

Registration Forms: (All to be completed.)

Pre-Registation Forms

New Student Registration

Authorization for Release of Information to Public Health

Parent Media Release/Acceptable Use Agreement

Parent Media Release Form for Grade K-6 Students/Student Acceptable Use Agreement (Procedure & Form)


Parent Media Release for Grade 7-12 Student/Student Acceptable Use Agreement (Procedure & Form)

Registration Forms: (Complete only if applicable.)

Aboriginal Identity Declaration EIS Data Collection

School Registration Form: Children in Care (For children in CFS Care)

Release of Information Authorization (Student 18 and over)

EAL Checklist

EAL Reception Form

EAL Provincial Guidelines

School of Choice

Transferring from out of the division

Transferring from within the division


URIS Application (complete if child has a health care concern; ie. asthma, life-threatening allergies, seizures, etc.)

Individual Health Care Plan

URIS Procedure

Corresponding Policies for Registration Forms

Parent Media Release/Acceptable Use Agreement

Acceptable Student and Staff use of Information and Communication Technology

Print and Digital Media Publication 

School of Choice